Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 28: Pure Norsk

July 27: Rockin' Summer Nights

Long summer days and warm summer nights = the perfect combination for enjoying live music in the great outdoors at the Kjerringvik Music Festival. 
The stage is set up along the rocky waterfront
Light show at twilight
Smoke machine worthy of "Spinal Tap"
Headliners "DeLillos" finally hit the stage after 11pm
DeLillos frontman Lars Lillo Stenberg entertained the fans for over two hours
Sunset over the stage, Kjerringvik Festival, Sandefjord

July 26: The Approaching Storm

July 25: Cabin Days

Between rain showers at the cabin in Vinstra
The sheep don't mind the rain, but they prefer to drink fresh water from the pump.

July 24: Backroads Bicycling in Gudbrandsdalen

The road to Skåbu
Peddling through Gudbrandsdalen farm country
Wildlife warnings, but no wildlife

July 23: Dinner with Friends

Amund at the grill
The gang relaxing on the deck
Chili (the dog), chilling
With old friends, the conversation never ends

July 22: Lazy Summer Days

Taking the plunge in the fjord
Our "private" beach 
Watch out for slippery rocks
Just like the Vikings did it!